MLC 2006

Statement of compliance with

Maritme Labour Convention 2006

Balteam Crewing Agency Co Ltd acting as Seafarer’s Recruitment and Placement Service registered in Poland and operating in Poland fully complies with regulation set by MLC 2006 and relevant Polish national regulations.

Company is certified according to national regulations.

Following points are emphasized in our operations although company compliance with MLC 2006 is not limited to these points only:

  1. Agency does not recruit seafarers who are younger than 18 years .
  2. Agency treats all seafarer as customers and does not charge seafarers for recruitment costs, although own seafarer costs of travel to the office while they are applying for employment are not refunded .
  3. Costs of passport , health certificate , national Polish seaman’s book , STCW documents appropriate for the rank remain sefarer’s costs . Owners may however consider reimbursement of these costs at own discretion .
  4. Agency makes sure that shipowners have the means to protect seafarers from being stranded in a foreign port
    Our Client’s (Employers/ Owners ) undertake to insure fully with P&I Club all personnel on board from the time of their departure from the port of recruitment till their repatriation to their home port . Furthermore , to effect coverage for industrial injury and death as per the terms of the employment agreement.
  5. Agency offers to seafarer’s families all possible advises they may need (within legal possibilities and not against seafarer’s will ) and company guarantees that seafarer’s families requests and information addressed to seafarers will be passed to them at no cost without delay.
  6. Agency does not create lists or mechanisms intended to prevent or deter seafarers from gaining employment for which they are qualified.
  7. On-board complaint procedure form (including required contact details) is always handed over to seafarer before joining of the vessel .
  8. Agency makes sure that seafarer will have a chance to read and get familiar with all condition of seafarer employment agreement before sefarer’s employment agreement will be signed.
  9. Agency has a complaint procedure in place for handling of seafarer complaints . Seafarer complaint form shall be made available on company website and shall form part of company MLC 2006 compliance statement .
  10. Agency informs the seafarer about possibilities of voluntary contribution to Polish national social security system and inform seafarers whether they are covered by other country social security system prior signing seafarer employment agreement.
  11. Employment on board of vessels flying the flag of the state , which did not ratify the MLC 2006 shall be notified to seafarer and possible problems clearly identified.
  12. Agency reserves its right to report to appropriate authorities in Poland cases of significant incompetence , criminal acts and serious breaches of discipline during the seafarer’s employment period. Reporting can be done after thorough case analyse only.