Complaints Procedure

Complaints Procedure

Balteam agency treats all seafarers as their customers who have the right to lodge a complaint against the actions of a Agency.
Our liability  begins with the signing of civil law agreement. For the sake of a formal order, the agency expects that any complaints made by seamen shall be deposited in writing. The complaint should include a brief description of the accident and determine the expectations of the seaman.

Seafarer has two to ways to make a complaint:
1) using e-mail
2By regular mail  to the address of the agencyBalteam Ltd. Customer Service, st. Sienna 10/170-542 Szczecin

The Agency shall acknowledge receipt of the complaint within 3 working days using the method of communication chosen by the seaman. Acknowledgement of receipt of complaint should include a clear indication of the time of its examination.

Investigation of a complaint may be set at a maximum of 14 working days in case of complaints relating solely to the activities of employment agencies and 28 working days in cases where the complaint relates to actions of seafarer Employers – principal employment agenciesIn the event that the complaint will not be concluded as per seafarer expectation Agency will inform  seafarer about his further steps .

Any unresolved complaints of Seafarer agency shall report to the responsible supervisor on the side of the maritime administration.